Program Benefits

Summer Program Scheme

Global Summer Week offers a diverse range of activities to enhance the experience of the program itself and for the participants. This program will include:

  1. Recent Topic
    Global Summer Week offers various subtopics related to the recent world issue.
  2. Lecture
    In-class lecture consist of 14 session that lasts for 2.5 hours for each session. Participants will be given theoretical learning, personal assignment, group project, and daily reflexive report assignment.
  3. Company Visit
    We give the participant a real-life experience to explore and learn more about how business work and best practices.
  4. Credit Transfer
    This summer program is available for credit transfer therefore participant will earn some credits by joining the whole program.
  5. Summer Project
    During the program participants will be immersed into MSME and do a case study. Participants will have to find a solution and best practices to be implemented toward the issue in the case study.
  6. Cultural Event and Gala Dinner
    Participants will be immersed into the beauty of Indonesian Culture, especially Yogyakarta and will witness the mesmerizing cultural performances. Participants will also have a taste of the exquisite taste of Indonesian Cuisine.