Rai Sengupta, M.Sc.
Economics and Statistics Analyst at the Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Title: Post-Covid Business Recovery, Continuity, and Resilience: Outlook at the Global Level

Dhita Wirapradja, S.H, EPT.
Founder and Principal Trainer at DW Etiquette
Title: An Amazing Brand Called YOU

Hendri Saparini, Ph.D.
Economist of CORE Indonesia and Steering Committee of Indonesian Fintech Society (IFSoc)
Title: Business Digitalization Post-Covid Era: The Role of Fintech

Yanuar Kurniawan, M.B.A.
SVP Organization and Talent Development at Lazada Indonesia
Title: The Role of Business Platform in Post-Covid Entrepreneurship Strategy

Dr. Ying Li
Chief Science Officer at AwanTunai
Title: FMCG Supply Chain Digitization for Micro and Small Medium Entreprises (SMEs)

Denni Puspa Purbasari, Ph.D.
Executive Director of the Pre-Employment Card Program (PMO Kartu Prakerja)
Title: Kartu Prakerja: Digitally Transforming Public Service

Dr. James P. Walsh
International Monetary Fund
Title: Economic Recovery Amidst Uncertain Global Economic and Geo-Political Conditions