Dr. Rimawan Pradiptyo
Faculty of Economics and Business UGM
Topic: “Eradicating Organized Crime; The Forgotten Aspect of the ASEAN Economic Community”

Dr. Dafri Agussalim
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM
Topic: “Maritime Security, Transnational Organised Crime And ASEAN Business Environment”

Prof. Diane Martin
RMIT Melbourne, Australia
Topic: “Marketing in Emerging Market: Sustainability and Marketing”

I Made Andi Arsana, Ph.D.
Faculty of Engineering UGM
Topics: “Borders in a Borderless ASEAN: Maritime Boundary Issues and Their Impacts to Business Environment”

Dr. Ferry Jie
Edith Cowan University, Australia
Topics: “Supply Chain Management for ASEAN Business Competitiveness”

Assoc. Prof. Sia Siew Kien
Nanyang Business School, Singapore
Topics: “Technology Disruption and Digital Transformation”

Dr. Karoon Suksonghong
Faculty of Management and Tourism, Burapha University
Topics: “Investment Based on Return Distribution and Portfolio Optimization”





Dr. Wila-sini Wongkaew and Dr. Tanawit Sae-Sue
Chulalongkorn Business School, Thailand
Topics: “Beauty Community Public Company Limited”