A series of lectures is the main feature of International Week. This series of lectures is designed to be able to accommodate a one block course of ASEAN Business Environment. Lectures are accommodated to deliver knowledge from the ASEAN universities professors and FEB UGM lecturers to International Week participants. International Week’s lectures are set to enable students gain various academic perspective on the ASEAN business environment. In providing vast opportunities for students, the lectures are also combined with intensive interactive discussions to allow exchange of ideas between lecturers and students.

Company Visits
Not only provides opportunity to expand participants’ academic capacities, International Week also enable its participants to be able to gain hands-on practical experience through company visits. Company visits to several companies that have been exposed internationally but still maintain local culture and characteristics will be our destinations for company visits.

Cultural Event
Staying in Yogyakarta has never been enough without visiting the remarkable heritage of Prambanan temple and witnessing the combination of beautiful dance and the famous Ramayana story through Ramayana Ballet. By participating in International Week, students will have the opportunity to experience not only the beautiful scenery of Prambanan temple at night with its lighting attractions, the Ramayana Ballet, but also to enjoy various selections of food under the starry Prambanan sky prepared in one attractive welcoming dinner package.

Case Discussions
A number of business cases will be made available for student participants to discuss in each of their group member. Students and its group will be requested to make analysis and propose a number of solutions for the case given.

Farewell Party
Farewell party is the moment where students being awarded for their active contribution in the event and celebrating their successful completion of the entire program with their fellow International Week participants and lecturers.

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